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What We Do

No matter how much help you need, MPC Parties is ready to jump in and organize your event. We specialize in thoughtfully curated parties, paying close attention to the details that make a party memorable. We offer the following services to simplify the planning process.


Budget Management: The toughest part of planning any party is executing all your creative ideas within your budget. In our initial consultation, we will listen carefully to your vision then help establish the services that best suit your party. We will work with you to establish a realistic budget and then work throughout the planning process to keep that budget in check.


Invitations: As stationers by trade, MPC Parties can provide an all-in-one service complete with custom party invitations. For a set fee, select one of our invitation styles and we will customize the design for your event.


Theme Development: Did your son ask for a birthday party themed around the color blue? Are you throwing a bridal shower for a friend who hates shower games? Do you want something different, but aren’t quite sure what that means? We can help you establish a central theme for your party, translating visions of sophistication, casual, or kid-friendly into tangible concepts. We will discuss decor, menus, and any extra elements that will bring your party together.


Menu Development: We know selecting the food for a party can be daunting. The menu should make sense for the type of party you are hosting, but not be so complicated that it overwhelms you. If you are preparing the food yourself, we can collaborate on appropriate appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks. If you want the event catered, we can help you select the right option.


Supply Sourcing: Whether you want a specific color paper plate, mylar balloons that spell out your husband’s name, or need to rent chairs, MPC Parties can help find all the supplies for your party at the best prices.


Vendor Coordination: No two parties are the same and while some might be low-key with very few vendors, others may require a florist, a caterer, or a photographer. We will help you determine the needs of your party and will coordinate with local vendors to fulfill your needs.


Styling: We recognize the impact of well-styled event and can put together table settings, photo backdrops, unique party favors, and all the details that will make your party stand out.


Day Of Setup and Takedown: On the day of your party, we can alleviate your stress by setting up food and drink tables, receiving vendors, and overseeing the flow of the party. When your event is over, we will help take down decorations and return rentals. For larger parties, we will coordinate wait and bar staff to ensure continuous help throughout your event.