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New Site


Well, just a little over a month since we created MPC Parties, we have a brand new website to celebrate. You guys, I am no web designer and I am the first to admit it. But I do feel pleased with my work, which admittedly was difficult for me. Little things (like getting a unique header on the MPC Parties page) nearly got the better of me, but I won in the end. So I’ll just give myself the tiniest of pats on my back. I now feel like we have a website that really reflects MPC as a brand and I am ready to market MPC Parties. If you live in the Philly/south Jersey region and you need help with a party, drop me a line! I am so excited to get planning! And I have so many great party ideas rolling around in my head, just itching to come to life! Next on the agenda — new business cards. Oh they will be pretty, just you wait!


Image from Blogshop Philly